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  Brigitte Held


Q: Are the courses in English?
A. Yes, all our courses are held in English.

Q: Can I write my thesis in English?
A: Yes, this is possible, when you apply for acceptance as PhD student in the faculty, you need to tell them that you want to write your thesis in English.

Q: Do you have any language requirements such as a TOEFL test?
A: No, you don´t have to have passed a TOFEL test, however, your knowledge of the English language should be good in order to be able to follow the courses and to understand what´s going on in the lab. The interview is partly or entirely in English.

Q: Invited for an interview, I cannot afford to come to Frankfurt. What can be done?
A: We use a video-conferencing system. If you are short-listed and invited for an interview, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the video-conferencing system.

Q: Are there any fees for PhD students?

A: There are no tuition fees (as with the undergraduates). There is a registration fee by the University of about 310 Euro per Semester which includes the registration fee and a ticket for public transport in and around Frankfurt.

Q: Do I get a scholarship, some funding for costs of living?
A: Yes, you do get funding, currently it is aproximately 1103 Euro per month as stipend (scholarship).

Q: How long does a PhD take with FIRST?
A: Most of our PhD students finish within 3 to 31/2 years.

Q: Must I learn German?

A: We do not require any exams on German language knowledge before or after a certain time after stating your PhD. We do however encourage you to learn German as it helps with everyday life in Germany.

Further information can be obtained at the Goethe Graduate Academy GRADE ( or from the International Office of the Goethe-Univeristy (, and )