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FIRST faculty members coordinate and/or participate in a number of regional, national and international scientific networks which are also dedicated to training excellent PhD students. The GRK 1172 is part of Division IV "Biologicals".


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Research training group GRK1172

In GRK1172 (Research, development and safety of biologicals) especially innovative research on biologicals in Frankfurt, such as the development of therapeutic RNAs, intracellularly active proteins and gene therapies, is brought together. This GRK forms the basis for Division IV within FIRST. All stages of drug R&D, from target validation to phases I and II clinical trials, are currently represented. The GRK1172 has 24 graduate students from the natural sciences, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, and biotechnology. All of the supervisors involved in this GRK are also members of the FIRST faculty.

Collaborative Research Centers
SFB 553 and SFB/TR 23

Over the last 12 years, Frankfurt University has gained an excellent reputation in cardiovascular research, particularly in the cellular signaling and enzymatic processes that regulate vascular homeostasis and the modifications in these pathways that occur during the genesis of hypertension and atherosclerosis as well as in the development of groundbreaking novel cell-based therapies. Research within these networks focuses on "NO, generator and effector systems" as well as "vascular differentiation and remodeling".

Collaborative Research Center SFB 579

The aim of the SFB 579 "RNA-Ligand-Interactions" is to develop a better understanding of how natural and synthetic ligands recognize RNA. RNA is central to process genetic information and is crucial for catalytic and regulatory processes within a cell. Here, such diverse ligands as proteins, nucleic acids and natural as well as synthetic molecules and ions are investigated. The final aim is to find therapeutic lead compounds in exemplary cases. Several translational projects will be integrated into Division IV of FIRST.

Research Unit 501 (DFG-Forschergruppe)

RU 501 concentrates on elucidating the molecular and cellular mechanisms that contribute to homeostasis within the vascular wall. Scientists from the pre-clinical departments as well as the Frankfurt university hospital address a number of topics - all relevant to vascular homeostasis and cardiovascular disease. The translational approach taken facilitates the integration of knowledge gained at the molecular level with that obtained in cell culture as well as in intact organs, whole animals and eventually in humans. On the other hand, observations from complex systems can be followed up and teased out at the cellular level or by in vitro models. This Research Unit has strong links to FIRST division II.

Research Unit 784 (DFG-Forschergruppe)

The Research Unit "Signaling by fatty acid metabolites and sphingolipids" was funded in 2006. Lipidomic research within this group aims to understand signaling mechanisms of arachidonic acid metabolites and sphingolipids at the enzymatic, cellular, organ and whole body level with a strong link towards inflammatory reactions as outlined in Division I.

The Excellence Cluster Cardio-Pulmonary System (ECCPS)

The ECCPS initiative of the universities of Frankfurt and Giessen and the Max-Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research constitutes a unique translational research center, dedicated to promote the transfer of information from basic science into preclinical and clinical studies and commercial exploitation. The ECCPS focuses on promising research areas such as stem cells, remodeling, angiogenesis, matrix and barrier regulation, hypoxic and inflammatory signaling, metabolic and oxidative stress and aging. Within the ECCPS aspects of inflammation are central to a number of basic projects, animal systems and human studies. Divisions I and II have a strong link with ECCPS and the research projects to be studied by the members of FIRST are incorporated within this initiative.

Pain Platform Frankfurt

The "Pain Platform Frankfurt" is a bilateral cooperation between the pharmazentrum frankfurt of Frankfurt University and Sanofi-Aventis, and sponsors an independent junior research group that focuses on pain in degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis. It is linked closely to Division I.

FIZ (Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie)

FIZ is an initiative of the state Hessen, the City of Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce. It is an indispensable link in the value chain from basic research at the university to industrial utilizations of inventions. Inflammation is the main research topic within FIZ.